Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yahweh is Holy

The purpose of this first entry is simply to say that what we refer to as personal names are the most important thing of what we find in the universe and in the universe of language. They are truly the main characters of history.

A personal name in Hebrew thought expresses the comprehensive character of a person. It is most important. I would say it expresses the integration of all that person is. It says something about a human person or divine person that is both comprehensive and integrated.

Holy on the other hand is also very important, yet not quite as important. It expresses something about the part or components that make up a person, rather than the whole of a person. Yet it says that these components are present as a whole. None of them are missing.

So while a name assumes a presence or lacks in the comprehensive character of a person, holy says something about what is present as parts of a person. Over time, I hope to show both the importance of these things, the name of God and the character of God, and also the Scriptural connection between them.

As one example on the personal side, it is important to understand the connection between the name of Jesus and the name of Yahweh. It is hard to see for an English speaker, because the transliteration of Jesus' name into English grows out of Greek as an intermediate step rather than from the Hebrew as does the name Yahweh. I won't go into Yahweh's Greek transliteration here. If we transilerate though the Hebrew, we arrive as Yahshua which is similar to how we say Joshua with the exception of the letter J. With Yahshua you can see the personal connection through Yah. We will say more on this later. God's blessings.

In Yahshua (Jesus),

Pastor Jon